Swansea City supporters help boost 'Whose Coat is that Jacket?' campaign

21st December 2021
Whose Coat is That Jacket?

Swansea City would like to thank all the club's supporters who generously donated to the 'Whose Coat is that Jacket?' campaign.

Swansea City, the Ospreys, and Ministry of Furniture worked together for those in need this Christmas through the scheme, which aims to provide the homeless and those in need with warm layers of clothing to help them fight the chill at this time of year.

As part of the initiative, the Swans and the Ospreys donated a number of club coats and jackets, and called on supporters to do the same.

Once all your kind donations, and those of the club and region, had been brought together, they were packaged and distributed to a number of locations throughout the city and community.

In the end over 500 coats and jackets were distributed to locations including the City Church in Dyfatty, Matthew's House and Zac's Place.

You can watch our video of the behind the scenes work done by staff by clicking the play icon.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been deeply felt throughout Swansea and the wider community when it comes to unemployment, homelessness and food provisions.

Swansea City has attempted to play its part in helping those in need in the local area during the pandemic, including aiding with donations of hot meals, and making the Swansea.com Stadium available for NHS staff training and as a Covid-19 testing centre.

In these hard times, the club is determined to do what it can to help the local community and, together with the Ospreys, in association with Ministry of Furniture, hope the 'Whose Coat is that Jacket?' initiative will keep as many people as possible warm this Christmas.