Teacher's Swans surprise

5th September 2018

A primary school teacher from Watford was given the ultimate Swans send-off on the final day of term.

Jamie Molloy completed his first year of teaching at Holy Rood Catholic Primary School in July, and his year two pupils and parents were so impressed with his work that they bought him the shirt of his favourite football team.

Mr Molloy's allegiance to the Swans comes after his granddad moved to Swansea during World War II and became a fan of the club.

So to make his final day of his first year teaching since leaving university a special one, parents got in touch with the Swans to see if the club could give their gesture a personal touch.

The whole squad signed the shirt and manager Graham Potter was so impressed with the gesture that he added a message, which Mr Molloy watched in front of his pupils on the final day of term.