The team is our priority, says Jenkins

22nd July 2016

Huw Jenkins will focus on ensuring Swansea City are primed for action on the field after hailing changes in the boardroom as a significant step forward. 
The Swans have new majority shareholders in the shape of Jason Levien and Stephen Kaplan, who have completed a deal which sees them acquire around 68 per cent of the club.
Jenkins, who is to stay on as chairman under the new regime, is excited about the Swans' prospects with Levien and Kaplan in control.
And with the change of ownership now sorted, Jenkins is eyeing the chance to concentrate fully on strengthening Francesco Guidolin's playing squad.

"We know we need one or two players in, mainly forwards, to get ourselves ready for the new season," he said.
"The priority is the team - we have to be strong enough to compete. We have to be wary because I think some of the recent transfer fees have gone through the roof.
"We have to make sure, as always, that we play the market well and get value for money and players that suit us.
"But we cannot hide from the fact that we'd all like to bring in one or two extra players in. We will try to do that and I am sure Jason and Steve will help us do that.
"They may provide a little more financial security. We may be able to take one or two more risks than we have in the past.
"The most important thing now is the middle of August when the season starts. It's great that the ownership deal is done because things can settle down.
"We can all get back to our jobs - making sure the team is right and that we are all focused and ready for the start of the season."

The arrival of Levien and Kaplan marks the start of a new era for the Swans, who have been led by the same board of directors for the last 14 years.
And Jenkins believes the moment had come for a change at the top.
"These are exciting times," he added.
"The majority of shareholders believed this was the right time for change. It's a long time to be together and to work on moving the club forward.
"Having said that, we had to find the right people we thought would be good for the club.
"If we hadn't felt Jason and Steve were those people, we wouldn't be here today talking about this. We could have gone on for many years as we were.
"But we have found these people and we believe they can bring a lot to the club, not only as people but in terms of the commercial opportunities that could be out there for us. Their experience throughout the world in different business links can only benefit us.
"I believe this can only be good for the club and it should be seen as an exciting time.
"Looking back over the many dark times when I was a child watching the club, I never thought this day would come. I am delighted to be part of this and I think we can all look forward to a great working relationship."

Jenkins is confident Levien and Kaplan will not attempt to make any radical changes to the approach which has brought the Swans so much success since they avoided relegation to the Conference in 2003.
"They know what our club is about, they know about the strong links to the supporters," he said.
"They know what we feel is right for our club - the way we run it, the way we have brought signings in, the way we have brought managers in to suit the way we play.
"Also, with ticketing prices, they know we try to make sure that when any new money comes into the club, a proportion is used to make sure the fans are looked after.
"But we have got to keep a balance because fans, like ourselves, want new players and they want us to keep our best players, which means we have to keep increasing salaries.
"That's the balance, that's the job. It's a difficult balance to maintain but all those decisions are made with the supporters in mind while we make sure that what goes on the pitch is the priority."