Tremmel teaches German!

21st March 2014

Gerhard Tremmel proved a class act as he helped to teach primary school kids German.

The Swans goalkeeper paid a visit to Pontlliw Primary School to take part in a question and answer session with pupils, where he spoke to the children in German and English.

After being quizzed about his career and what life is like in his native country, the 35-year-old signed autographs for the many adoring young Swans fans.

And Tremmel, who attended the school with club ambassador Lee Trundle, was delighted to be back in the class room to pass on his knowledge to young Swans supporters.

"I've very much enjoyed it," he beamed. "It's nice to see the kids excited, and a good feeling for me to be doing something good.

"Our supporters at Swansea City have always been fantastic. And when I speak to fans, they often tell me they have been supporters for their whole lives. 

"These children are the next generation of supporters, so it has been great to speak to them.

"Back when I was their age, I was looking up to big stars from Bayern Munich, and I met one of them once. I couldn't even speak to him because I was so excited." 

And the Swans shot-stopper believes learning different languages from an early age can only benefit the young pupils.

"I think it's very important for children to learn different languages," he added.

"I would love to speak Spanish and maybe a bit more French. 

"German is a difficult language, but the children spoke well. 

"My favourite question was when one of the kids asked what the difference is between Wales and Germany. It was tough to keep short!"

Meanwhile, schoolteacher Ben Ford felt that the pupils gained a great deal from speaking in German to one of their heroes.

"The fact that Gerhard Tremmel has come in today means the world to the school, to the children and to me," said Ford.

"The children in the older years have been learning German, so to have such a high-profile German footballer come in to answer questions in his native language is brilliant.

"It gives the kids the motivation to believe that learning languages is the way to go.

"Plus, the children are Swans mad. Since we had the phone call to say that Mr Tremmel would be coming in, they have been so excited - and rightly so, because he's been wonderful with us."