Trundle heads back to school

13th September 2017

It was back to the classroom for Lee Trundle this week as he paid a visit to Pen Y Bryn School - but it was no ordinary lesson.

Dropping in on a sixth form ICT class, Trundle was the subject of a video that the class are creating for their new YouTube channel.

“The class wanted to launch a YouTube channel and create content for it as part of their ICT lessons this term,” explained James Williams, the school’s community coordinator. “Lee is the first interview that we’ve done and we’ve all really enjoyed the lesson."

Aiming to give students valuable computing skills as well as helping to improve their ability to speak in a group environment, Pen Y Bryn’s ICT projects have proven to be hugely successful in the past and their YouTube channel is just the latest in a long line of Swans-based initiatives.

“The school have some really innovative ways to engage their students and create a great learning environment by coming up with really fun projects, like this YouTube channel,” said Trunds.

“I’m always happy to help out with their ICT lessons because they not only engage the kids really well, they help the pupils to learn a great set of skills. I’m excited to see the finished video, but also to see what project they come up with next year so I can come back and meet the next class.”

Previously the club has supported the school in the creation and sales of a book about the Swans, written and designed by Pen Y Bryn’s pupils based on interviews with first team players such as Wayne Routledge.

“If someone like Lee comes in, it transforms the lesson and the students are more interested and more engaged in learning.

"It’s been fantastic for us as a school to have the support of the Swans and it’s an ongoing support, having collaborated on a number of projects with the pupils over the years. Lee has been a massive part of that and he has really helped with their confidence."

Student James Griffiths said: “I’ve really enjoyed the lesson. It’s been good and it’s more fun for all the students to have Lee in the classroom. Some of us are big football fans and when Lee came in, our faces lit up.”