Trundle's tour blog: Part one

10th December 2014

Being involved in the Barclays Premier League Live event in India is a big thing for Swansea City, and I'm delighted to be out here with the club.
I've been given the duty of keeping everyone informed about our trip, and everything that happens along the way, via this blog.
So sit back and enjoy the ride!

Of course, wherever you travel you always bump into someone from down the road, and that was the case at Heathrow as a few familiar faces popped by and it was great fun taking a few selfies in the departure lounge.
I thought another couple were about to ask for a photo too, but it turns out they only wanted me to take their pic in front of a Christmas tree - much to the delight of my colleagues.
Our travelling party, including myself and members of the club's commercial and media department, landed in Mumbai early on Wednesday morning after a nine-hour long flight from Heathrow.
So there was plenty of time to think about the upcoming event, watch a few films to relax, catch up on some sleep and read the latest edition of Interior Weekly, which surprised a few people in the group.

On arriving in Mumbai at just gone midnight, one thing was clear - December in India is warmer than Wales during summer!
I don't think we'll be worrying about wrapping up warm here, with temperatures rising to between 32-35C.
It didn't stop us all tucking into a curry, though, even though it was 4am local time.
Everyone apart from our freestyler Ash Randall though. With everyone keen to taste the local dishes, Ash opted for the less traditional dish of Spaghetti Bolognese!

The driving is a bit different too. But don't let my picture fool you, I took this quick snap with my driver's hat before we set off. I'm not brave enough to drive here - it's slightly busier than heading down the Kingsway in Swansea! Manic doesn't do it justice.
In our short time here, we have had a fantastic reception from everyone in Mumbai. They are also very knowledgeable of the Barclays Premier League, which bodes well for the forthcoming event.
The journey has allowed me to reflect somewhat. To think just over ten years ago this club was one result away from dropping into non league football.
Now we're taking part in a massive fans event in India, with around 24,000 supporters due to attend.
It's amazing to think about our rise as a football club. Promotions, the Capital One Cup, the Europa League - it all forms our incredible story.
And now that story continues in Mumbai.
I'll keep you posted with all the news during the trip, so keep checking our website, Twitter and Facebook accounts.