Trundle's tour blog: Part two

11th December 2014

Preparations are going well for the Barclays Premier League Live event here in Mumbai.
Quite a bit has gone on since my last tour blog entry on Wednesday. Our travelling party headed out to experience a local market, and what an experience it was!
I've already mentioned the chaos of driving in this city. I thought our trip from the airport to the hotel was crazy enough, but this was on another level.
Car horns constantly beeping, vehicles within a hair's width away from clattering into each other (it's like a demolition derby) and little tuk-tuks and motorbikes slaloming inbetween cars. It's a regular thing here.
The trip itself felt like it lasted forever, but it wasn't too far down the road.

When we got out to the market we were the centre of attention. Well, our footballer freestyler Ash Randall certainly was.
We picked a relatively quiet spot (which is very difficult in Mumbai) and he put on a show with some top tricks which certainly got the thumbs up from me. Make sure you watch the video, which will be posted on our Swans TV YouTube channel soon.
It was incredible how quick the crowd gathered, and the conversation immediately turned to Swansea City.

It's amazing how knowledgeable people are when it comes to the Barclays Premier League. I chatted for quite a while about the Swans, and I was regularly asked about Neil Taylor.
Given Neil's Indian heritage, his profile in the country is rising quickly, and I had to take a moment to realise I was talking about Swansea City while in Mumbai. Who would have thought that a few years ago?
The trip was a fantastic experience, and I didn't think we were going to be able to leave - especially when we revealed that Ash has actually featured in a Bollywood hit film called Jab Tak Hai Jaan starring Shah Rukh Khan, who is basically India's version of David Beckham. He is known as the King of Bollywood (Shah Rukh Khan that is, not Ash!) - he's that big here.

Today we headed down to the site of the Live event, which is held this Saturday and Sunday.
It's still in the process of being finished, but we were among the first clubs to arrive in order to start setting up ahead of a media visit to the area.
I think our approach of being hands-on and personal with the public will really pay off. The reaction we had with last night's freestyling showed that.
And with Swansea City already well known out here, it promises to be an event that helps add to our growing Jack Army.