VIDEO: DJ Leroy Fer

22nd July 2017

With the Swans currently in America preparing for the 2017-18 season, Leroy Fer has been busy finetuning his skills.

But it's not just on the football pitch where the Dutchman has been practising ready for the new season.

Fer is now the head of music within the Swans squad, and the 27-year-old has not let being Stateside prevent him from working on his new hobby.

Among the midfielder's luggage heading to America was his DJ decks, and Fer has been busy entertaining his team-mates in between sessions.

"I took up being a DJ only a few weeks ago because I have a friend who does it," he said.

"He told me the basics and I just gave it a go. It's something I really enjoy, and I've been practicing every day since I started for an hour or two.

"Going on tour would have meant ten days without practicing, so I asked if I could bring them and now I'm practising each day in front of my team-mates.

"They like what I play - I've not had any critics just yet."

To see DJ Leroy Fer in action, click the video link above.