We aim to thrive, says Levien

22nd July 2016

Jason Levien has spoken of a desire to ensure Swansea City continue thriving in the Premier League as a new era begins at the Liberty Stadium.
Levien and Stephen Kaplan have been unveiled as the Swans' new majority shareholders after a deal which will see them acquire around 68 per cent of shares in the club was rubber-stamped.
As he faced the media for the first time, Levien revealed how the passion of the people in South West Wales was a key factor in his American investment group's decision to buy into the Swans.
And he has revealed plans to make steady progress rather than shake things up.

"We are going to take a very thoughtful and measured approach," Levien said."We will think about sustainability and competitiveness.
"The club have done that with great success. We want to add value to the club, but we are not looking to make massive changes to what they have done in the past.
"In five years we would like to see the club in a better place.
"That means improving things on the commercial side, for example, while on the pitch we want to see the club continue to flourish and continue to have a success. How we measure that success we will figure out over time."
Levien spoke alongside Huw Jenkins, who will stay on as chairman under the new regime.
Kaplan has been in Swansea this week, but was unable to attend the press conference because he had to return California on business.
Levien explained that a deal which was finalised on Thursday has been in the pipeline for around 12 months.

"I think we have bought into a club with an exciting history and a tremendous fanbase and we are thrilled to have an opportunity to be part of it," he added.
"Some of the investors who are selling, including Huw, will be re-investing, and that gives us a lot of confidence.
"I first spoke to Huw about a year ago. We had interesting conversations about football, about philosophy of football and about the way the club is run.
"I first visited late last summer and I started to connect with what they were doing here.
"Huw gave me a tour of the Liberty Stadium, then he dropped me off and I walked around the city a little bit, to the university and towards Gower. I thought it was a special place.
"I saw the passion and energy of the Supporters' Trust and the fans in general, the management team and the shareholders who had put money and reputations on the line.
"What this club have accomplished in the last 15 years is fantastic, and the passion people have for the club is huge.
"I know there's a lot of passion all around the UK for football, but I think Swansea is at the top of that list.
"I thought it was a unique opportunity for us."

With the transfer window open, Levien faced questions about the Swans' plans to strengthen the squad ahead of the 2016-17 Premier League season.
On the subject of recruitment, he said: "I think Huw has a tremendous football mind - he has proven that over more than a decade.
"Our conversations with Huw have been enlightening and informative for me and Steve.
"We want to make sure the club has the necessary resources to succeed. We are not looking to make a huge splash at the expense of stability and sustainability.
"We are hoping to enhance things and we are going to rely on Huw. We would not be making this investment without his commitment to the club moving forward.
"It would be a mistake to put a number on what we might look to spend, because that would just alert our competitors, but we certainly want to make strategic investments in the club and to grow from there."

The Supporters' Trust will retain their 21.1 per cent stake in the Swans despite the change of ownership at the club.
And Levien stressed that he wants the trust to continue to play an important role.  
"I would say the trust is a huge asset for the club and the community. We see them as an important partner moving forward," he added.
"I have spent time with them, interacting with them and understanding what's important to them.
"We want to be receptive and make this a win for them in terms of helping solidify their role and partnership with the club."