Wembley Tickets Q&A

29th January 2013

Supporters are reminded that if possible they should log in to their season ticket membership account (the eight digit figure on your season ticket card) in advance of Wednesday's on sale date for Wembley.

Many supporters have already logged in and successfully linked their accounts to family and friends, and ticket office staff have helped a number of supporters with this throughout the course of the day.

As previously stated, this will enable supporters to purchase tickets in groups without actually physically visiting the ticket office to do so. The linking of the memberships will speed up the transaction time online and for telephone sales, but equally importantly for those supporters who wish to buy in person in groups it will speed up the process in the ticket office.

From today's queries some of the questions supporters have raised are:

Question - If a supporter has more than one season ticket, but only one account number (e.g. disabled and free carer, some businesses, etc.) will they be able to purchase more than 2 tickets?
Answer - Yes, but these account holders will have to contact the Ticket Office in advance by telephone or in person. Again it would be helpful if this was done in advance of Wednesday's on sale.

Question - What are the arrangements for tickets for disabled season ticket holders with free carers?
Answer - Wembley has provided a number of wheelchair space tickets with personal assistant seating. The policy for season ticket holders will be that the season ticket holder will be entitled to purchase their wheelchair space, with a free personal assistant seat, along with a second ticket as for all other season ticket holders.
Wembley's policy for ambulant disabled is the same as SCFC's, again if a season ticket holder is entitled to a free carer at the Liberty Stadium the same will apply to their ticket allocation for Wembley.
You can also purchase for other season ticket holders when booking your disabled space to ensure tickets can be located nearby.
Please ensure that you have all account numbers to hand when placing your booking.
To book tickets please contact Dan Evans, Ticketing Liaison Officer, on 0844 815 6665 from 8.30am on Wednesday.

Question - Can a season ticket holder use a concession season ticket to purchase adult tickets or vice versa, and what proof will need to be shown?
Answer - Yes, any level of season ticket membership entitles the season ticket holder to purchase two Wembley ticket in any price category or buyer type. No proof will need to be shown but all concession tickets will be marked as such and admission may be refused at Wembley on the day of the game if the person using the ticket is clearly not entitled to concession rate.

Question - What concessions are available for Wembley?
Answer - Concessions are available for supporters 16 years old and under, and those who are over 60. All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. No babes in arms will be allowed admission without a valid ticket. NB. Wembley will not accept responsibility for unaccompanied children (16 years old and under).

Question - Can supporters choose which Block, Row and Seat they purchase?
Answer - Unfortunately as tickets are being sold through simultaneously online, in person and on the telephones and the game is not a home fixture, we are unable to offer this facility. Tickets will be sold across all three routes on a "best available" basis, and the ticket allocations for each area will be balanced across the three. This will enable tickets to be allocated fairly whichever route supporters choose to use.

Question - What will supporters need at the time of purchase?
Answer - If supporters have already logged in to their account and only wish to buy for themselves, i.e. 2 tickets against a single season ticket membership, they can proceed straight through the Buy Tickets screen where they will select the ticket prices they require and then on to the payment screen, at which time they will need a valid debit or credit card in the address their season ticket was registered in. If supporters have already logged in to their account and linked to friends and family, they will only need their membership number to access the Buy Tickets page. Once there, they can select from the drop down tab the Friends and Family they wish to purchase for, and once selected they can proceed to the payment screen, where the same cardholder requirements will be needed.

Question - What would happen if a Season Ticket holder purchased online and then went to the Ticket Office to buy in person?
Answer - The season ticket membership information is held on the ticketing system. Once a season ticket holder purchases their entitlement the system will record that fact and will prevent any further purchases for the Wembley Final on that account number. Furthermore, if a season ticket holder only purchases 1 ticket they will then not be able to re-enter the system to purchase a further ticket. All supporters therefore are asked to ensure that they request the required number of tickets at the time of purchase.

Question - If a supporter buys through the Internet, or over the telephone, when can they expect their tickets?
Answer - This will depend on the uptake of tickets by season ticket holders. However we would expect all tickets to be received by supporters by no later than two weeks after they purchased them.

Tickets will go on sale through the Ticket Office, telephone, and online from 8:30am on Wednesday morning.

If you are yet to link your friends and family please do so by clicking HERE

More ticket information HERE