Win £3.3m on Swans Lotto

18th April

Swans Lotto has been a big hit since its launch last summer. 

Many supporters have already signed up to Swans Lotto, which gives them the chance to win millions, while benefiting the SCFC Community Trust at the same time.

When you play, you have to select your six numbers and then choose yourself a Swans legend too.

We've got quite a mix of players for you to choose from when it comes to the legends. They are as follows:
Billy Ball, Alan Curtis, Robbie James, Wilfred Milne, Melvyn Nurse, Roy Paul, James Thomas, John Toshack, Lee Trundle, Keith Wright 

Which legend would you pick as your lucky star number?
The next Swans Lotto draw is on Saturday night with an estimated jackpot of £3.3 Million, so don't forget to register today and get on board for your chance to potentially win millions of pounds!

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