Wheelchair bays Swanseacom Stadium

Accessible facilities inside the Swansea.com Stadium

Swansea City is proud to have fantastic accessible facilities throughout the Swansea.com Stadium and the wider footprint meaning that no matter which stand supporters choose to sit in, you can guarantee accessibility.

The flooring is flat outside the stadium and inside the concourse areas and there are dropped counters in the ticket office, club shop and food kiosks. Our food kiosks also come with printed food menus to aid communication for Deaf and non-verbal supporters.

Accessible lifts are located in each stand while accessible toilets (operated by a radar key) are also available throughout the concourse and mezzanine levels.

There are accessible entrances located in every stand. If you need to use an accessible entrance, please inform a steward or member of Swansea City staff.

We also have provisions for bringing medication into the stadium, storing wheelchairs, and Disability Liaison Officers on site.


Supporters are permitted to bring medication into the stadium as long as it does not pose a safety risk and it is labelled correctly.

All stewards are trained in dealing with emergency situations, so if you begin to feel unwell, please notify the nearest steward who will take the appropriate action.

Snacks or drinks required by diabetic supporters on genuine medical grounds will be permitted into the stadium subject to the relevant medical evidence being produced. Evidence may include:

  • A medical letter from a GP or diabetes nurse
  • Equipment to treat diabetes and/or hypoglycaemic attacks, such as insulin injections or glucose meter
  • A diabetes ID card

Any questions or queries regarding specific medication should be made in advance of match days by emailing accessibility@swanseacity.com


The clubs employs specific disability liaison officer stewards (DLOs) for event days. They are employed purely to look after the requirements of supporters with disabilities or access needs and are identifiable by their green jackets or bibs.

image of the back of a green disability liason officer's jacket

If you feel you require additional assistance on the day/evening of your visit, do not hesitate to email us in advance at accessibility@swanseacity.com


We are happy to store your wheelchair during a matchday. Whilst advance notice is preferred, requests can be accommodated on the day by notifying a steward or disability liaison steward.

To make a request for wheelchair storage in advance, please email accessibility@swanseacity.com


We introduced an inclusion room at the Swansea.com Stadium  in 2022-23 which is available to supporters who may require a quiet space at home matches.

The room was implemented after consultation with a number of supporter groups including the Dementia Friends working group and the Disabled Supporter Association.

The room is located in the West Stand and - while it will be accessible for anyone say anywhere in the stadium - supporters who feel they may need the facilities are advised to sit in the West Stand.

If you require the room on a matchday, please notify the nearest steward or disability liaison steward.

Click here to find out more about the room. 


In 2019, we launched our sensory room along with the Disabled Supporter Association. 

The sensory room allows supporters who may find the environment challenging to come and enjoy the match at their own pace. Supporters view the match from inside the sensory room while also being able to sit in the stand, safe in the knowledge that they are able to return to the sensory room, should they become overwhelmed.

The sensory room is available to anyone who feels they might need it but places will be subject to availability and supporting documentation may be requested.

Parents/ guardians/ carers will also have the option to visit the room before matchday, if they wish to check the suitability of the room.

For more details about the sensory room contact our Disability Liaison Officer on accessibility@swanseacity.com or call (01792) 616629.

Click here to read more about the sensory room. 

In order to help supporters access the information relevant to you ahead of your trip, we have created a number of guides which can be viewed by clicking on the button below.