Angel Rangel's memorable Swansea City moments

7th April

In the second part of our interview with Angel Rangel marking his milestone of 300 league appearances for Swansea City, the Spaniard looks back on his stand-out moments.

My debut
Oldham 2 Swans 1 (Saturday, August 11, 2007)
It was a strange day. After just five minutes there was a fight in the crowd and the police were there on horses. I was wondering what the heck I had got myself involved in!
It wasn't a great start in terms of results as we lost 2-1, but we played very well. We actually took a few games to get a win, but obviously there was no stopping us from that point.
But it's still a game that sticks in my mind. It was my first game and it was the beginning of a great journey.

Favourite league goal
I haven't got too many to talk about unfortunately, but there are a couple of good ones.
My goal at Doncaster was a decent finish because it was a volley from Kemy's pass and it got us a late point.
My first goal was at home against Hartlepool - we won 1-0 and went top of League One that day. So that has to be among my favourites.
In terms of quality finishes, scoring in the 3-2 win over Wigan was an important goal. It was a decent volley that went in off the post, so that will be my favourite one.

Most memorable league game
I'll try to be a little different here, because the play-off games are going to be the ones that everyone mentions.
Beating Leeds 3-2 at home in the League One was a brilliant game. We were down to ten men against a side that many people fancied to run away with the title, but we showed how good we were that day.
The first Premier League game against Manchester City wasn't a memorable one in terms of results, but I remembered feeling as though I'd played a full game before we had even kicked off. That's how nervous I felt. It was our first game against a team of superstars, and even though we lost 4-0 we had played well in large parts of the game.
I have played in nine Welsh derbies so they were quite memorable. The 3-2 win at home was a brilliant game with Darren Pratley scoring the winner. The Liberty erupted when that went in.
Can I look any further than the 3-0 win in the Premier League though? That was a big one. Cardiff had the chance to do the first derby double, while it was Garry Monk's first game in charge for us.
So for us to win 3-0 - and convincingly too - under that amount of pressure was a massive boost, particularly as it was kicking off the manager's time in charge.

Angel Rangel's league appearances
2007-08: 43
2008-09: 39 (+1)
2009-10: 37 (+1)
2010-11: 37 (+1 & 3 play-off matches)
2011-12: 32 (+2)
2012-13: 30 (+3)
2013-14: 29 (+1)
2014-15: 22 (+5)
2015-16: 15 (+2)
Total: 300 (303 inc play-offs)