Barrow's got new tricks up his sleeve

20th July 2016

Modou Barrow will have a few new tricks up his sleeve this season as he looks to give defenders a rough ride in the Premier League.
The tricky Gambian is determined to make his third Premier League campaign his most successful yet.
So determined, in fact, that he's been practising new material for the 2016-17 back in his homeland.
Barrow, who struck his first top-flight goal in March during the 3-2 defeat at Bournemouth, spent three weeks in Gambia during the off season as he looked to work on a number of areas to improve his game.
And Swans fans can expect to see a glimpse of what he's been working on when the season kicks off on August 13.

"Being home in Gambia allowed me to do some fitness work and time to work on new skills," said Barrow, whose blistering pace has given numerous full-backs nightmares.
"I want to create problems for defenders, so I can't do the same things with the ball as they will know what I can do.
"The more you play the better the opposition know me.
"I have a lot of new tricks that I haven't showed yet - I can't wait for the season to start."
The time spent back in his homeland was not entirely focused around improving his game.
Along with scintillating pace and an array of tricks, Barrow's personal qualities include humbleness and modesty - two traits she showed during his visit back home.

"I went back to Gambia to give children there some Swansea City clothes and boots," said Barrow, who was born in the country's capital Banjul.
"The kids don't have much there, so it is nice to see the big smiles on their faces when they are given these things.
"I wanted to help them and give them the confidence and knowledge that they can make it as a footballer if they have discipline, listen, and work hard.
"They have great attitudes and are lovely people. All they talk about is Swansea when I see them.
"I know that they look at me as a role model and someone they look up to, and I am really happy with that.
"I would love for more Gambian youngsters to be given the opportunity to become professional footballers, and hopefully the little things I do for them can help them achieve their ambition."

After ticking a few boxes of his own last season, Barrow has new ambitions of his own for the new campaign.
The 23-year-old made 25 appearances for the Swans during 2015-16 - despite starting the season on loan at Championship side Blackburn Rovers - while he played 13 times in his debut campaign at the Liberty.
Now the first Gambian to have played and scored in the Premier League has fresh targets in mind.
"Last year was a big season for me," added Barrow, who signed a new three-year contract this month.
"The first season I was here, I learned a lot about the team and the league.
"Last season I improved more as a player and I scored my first Premier League goal, which meant a lot to me, and hopefully this season I will do a lot better.
"It will be an even bigger year for me because the level gets higher every year and teams analyse each other more.
"But I want to achieve more and help my team-mates and the club finish higher up the league."