Britton delivers key message to pupils

27th April 2017

Leon Britton and Lee Trundle surprised groups of participants from our Premier League Primary Stars project at Llangyfelach Primary School to talk to them about the Premier League's key messages.

Making a surprise visit during the primary pupils’ in-class session with the PL Primary Stars project, the two Swans legends spoke about the following messages that make up the project's ethos:

  • Be Fair
  • Be Inspired
  • Be Connected
  • Be Ambitious

“It was really good to see the kids and see the work that they’ve been doing in the classroom with our Premier League Primary Stars coaches,” said Britton after the visit. “It was great to talk about teamwork, being fair and the other values that apply to football but also to school work and outside of school in their home life.”

Britton wasn’t alone in his praise of Premier League Primary Stars, as the club’s ambassador echoed his sentiment.

“It’s good that they teach the values to the kids in a football form because it’s important to put those values into practice in your school life as well, such as being fair and working as a team,” said Trundle. “It’s a clever way to get them across to the pupils,” he finished.

The visit follows last week’s collapsed curriculum days with local schools, also revolving around these key values, where Lee also took part in a Fair Play Q&A with the pupils present.

The Community Trust’s Education Manager, Thomas Williams, said: “Playing the right way encompasses being respectful to others, giving positive encouragement and being fair. These are really important messages that reflect the ethos of the Premier League Primary Stars programme.”

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