Celebrating the Chinese New Year

23rd January 2014

Swansea City and main sponsor Goldenway (GWFX) linked up to get celebrations underway ahead of the Chinese New Year.

To mark the start of celebrations for the Chinese New Year - on January 31 - which is the year of the horse, the Swans and GWFX treated supporters to a traditional Chinese lion dance ahead of the recent Barclays Premier League clash with Tottenham Hotspur.

In Chinese tradition, the image of lions represent fortune and good luck and the performance can help avoid bad luck and bring good fortune. The colours red and yellow, which represents good luck and prosperity in Chinese society, are always used on the lions' bodies.

In general, the whole lion dancing performance includes three parts - dotting, dancing and targeted pack picking.

During the dotting ceremony on that day, Director of GWUK Darren Vickers painted cinnabar on the lions' eyes to "give life" to the lions.

After the dance, the lions and club mascots Cyril and Cybil opened a banner wishing a Happy Lunar New Year in Chinese and English.

Swans fans can still experience the joyful atmosphere of the Chinese New Year by watching the Liberty Stadium's LED display on matchdays, which was arranged by GWFX and shows the lion dancing, during the Chinese New Year period.

Special t-shirts were also printed for the Swans squad to warm-up in ahead of the clash with Spurs, which marked good wishes from GWFX for the Chinese New Year.

In Chinese tradition, the image of a horse symbolises the national spirit of striving to become stronger and the eagerness to make progress, while it is believed 2014 will be a year of prosperity and happiness.

As an all-rounded expert in global investment services, GWFX creatively combines the dollar sign and the calligraphy font of the Chinese character "horse" on the t-shirts to represent its blessing in receiving speedy successes.