Club statement

6th January 2018

Statement on behalf of Steve Kaplan and Jason Levien.

In the aftermath of the change in ownership at the football club, we entered into a variety of discussions with the Trust designed to build a stronger and more workable relationship between the two parties.

Part of those discussions centred on a proposed percentage sale of the Trust’s shareholding which would be purchased by us.

The offer would have seen the Trust shares purchased on terms more preferential than those accepted by the previous shareholders in July 2016.

However, we understand there are still areas of concern amongst members of the Trust board and the membership as a whole over the offer.

At this stage, we do not want the proposed share deal to become a source of antagonism between ourselves and the Trust, especially when the club finds itself in such a challenging position on the pitch.

Neither ourselves nor the Trust should allow any other issue to overshadow the club’s fight to maintain its Premier League status and the upcoming transfer window.

Therefore, discussions have been put on hold while we devote all our time, energy and resources into addressing the immediate challenges facing the club.

We still intend maintaining an excellent relationship with the Trust leadership and the lines of communication at this important stage in the club’s history remain open.