December's Jack of the Month

20th December 2013

Swansea City are delighted to announce that Simon Meyrick has been awarded the title of 'Jack of the Month' for December.

The 27-year-old from Llansamlet in Swansea has been selected as our winner of the monthly accolade as part of our initiative to give back to our devoted supporters.

Meyrick has been a dedicated fan for a number of years and currently travels home and away to support Michael Laudrup's side.

The Swans super-fan is a big collector of Swans memorabilia, having collected approximately 40 shirts, and says that a big part of his fandom is down to his girlfriend's Swans mad family.

"My first Swans game was the Division 2 play-off semi-final against West Brom in 1993, but I started going to watch them a lot more when we moved from the Vetch to the Liberty," said Meyrick.

"Over the last four or five years I've really been hooked, and a big part of this is down to my girlfriend's Swans mad family, who have helped make me a bigger fan than ever.

"My mates in work always laugh at the fact that I spend most of my wages now on following us home and away every week or buying every bit of memorabilia available.

"The joke led to me having a competition with my mate Ricky, as he reckoned he had more pairs of trainers than I had Swans shirts. Needless to say, he underestimated me, and I won that one!

Meyrick is also an outstanding drawer and has drawn a number of Swans stars - from the past and present.

He has even had some of his drawings signed by players after they received a great reception on Twitter.

"I've loved drawing for as long as I can remember, even though its always just been a hobby, rather than a career aim or anything like that," added Meyrick.

"I decided to start drawing the Swans players a couple of years ago and found that, via the wonders of twitter, I could actually send the drawings to the players themselves!

"I've had some great reactions from them, which has made me really proud. 

"I don't know if many of them remember, but I've met most of the squad now, and got them to sign each drawing I've done of them.


"I've even drawn our very own kitman, Michael Eames, after he requested it!"

If you think you're a massive Swans supporter, like Simon Meyrick, you can nominate yourself for January's Jack of the Month by e-mailing us your story to 

The club would like to thank you for your passionate and loyal support.