Disabled Go launch Swans access guide

20th February 2018

Swansea City are delighted to announce the launch of our access guide with Disabled Go.

The Swans are working in partnership with the Premier League and Disabled Go to produce detailed pan-disability accessibility guides for the Liberty Stadium.

The accessibility information in the guide aims to assist fans with disabilities and visitors to the Liberty Stadium so they can find out about access in advance.

This guide has been separated into two areas, access guides and route plans.

Disability access officer Mark Phillips said: “Although the Liberty Stadium has a fantastic reputation for access in the Premier League and among disabled fans, as a club we recognise that prior information can be extremely effective in alleviating concerns and ensuring that supporters and their families are able to fully enjoy their matchday experience.

“When planning a visit as a disabled person, the power of images (in the guide and route plan) and being able to see your surroundings, knowing that a location is accessible, can be a big factor in whether you decide to visit.

“Disabled Go have done a fantastic job with both the access guide and route plan”.

Visiting and existing disabled supporters will be able to familiarise and keep up to date with our access facilities.

Planning a visit to a match?

Visit the Swans Disabled Go homepage HERE

Take a look at the: Access Guides and Route Plans