Fan focus group update

26th October 2018

Swansea City successfully launched three fan focus groups to build and improve supporter engagement across the club earlier this season.

The aim was to inform and involve supporters more effectively in the decision-making processes across the likes of ticketing, catering, community, digital, inclusion, hospitality, hospitality, travel and general matchday experience.

The focus groups were split into three main categories - matchday experience, digital and community/charity.

The groups meet individually every three months to share ideas through knowledge, suggestion and expertise.

The next meeting scheduled is for digital and will be November 6.

If you would like to become involved in the digital meeting or the other two categories, please email by November 3.

Please give brief details about yourself and the area of the club that is of interest to you. It is also worth noting that these groups are not ‘football’ discussion forums.

There is no need for those who have already registered their interest to repeat the process. The club will also be commissioning a fan survey later in the season to compile a broader view of supporter feedback, together with a number of fan engagement events.


The Swans aim to make our supporters' matchday experiences hassle-free and as enjoyable as possible and are committed to developing and enhancing supporter experiences at the Liberty Stadium.

Therefore, the purpose of this focus group is to discuss key issues that impact upon supporters' matchday experiences.

We are looking for a broad range of supporters who feel they have something to contribute to this area, which encompasses the likes of ticketing, hospitality, accessibility, catering, travel and pre-match entertainment.


The club has invested heavily over the last two years in its website, CRM system and App in a bid to provide a first-class digital experience for supporters.

Whether that is delivering engaging video content, latest club news, a single sign on facility, in-App ticketing, exciting social media platforms or better online retail purchasing, the goal has been to improve the fan experience and service across the ever-changing digital spectrum.

Digital is now at the heart of virtually everything we do in our daily lives. And while the club has made rapid strides over recent years, we are always looking to improve and meet the needs of our supporters.

We are looking for supporters who feel they have something to contribute to the club’s digital strategy operation.


The club already does a lot of great work in the community. At the heart of this work is our Community Trust department. However, we want to do more.

We are committed to re-engaging with the community and developing a new charity and corporate responsibility strategy. With club ambassadors Lee Trundle and Leon Britton ready and waiting to assist, we are looking at new ways of implementing this.

We want our community to feel proud of our football club – and not just on the field of play.

We are therefore looking for supporters who feel they have something to contribute to the club’s long-term community and charity work.

If you would like to express an interest in becoming involved, please email by November 3, 2018.