FAN FOCUS: Hazel Francis

19th June

We continue our fan feature as we put our loyal supporters under the spotlight!
Fan Focus gives every member of the Jack Army a chance to share their favourite tales, games and goals from supporting the Swans over the years.

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Name: Hazel Francis
From: Gendros

How long have you been supporting the Swans?
I've been supporting the Swans for 50 years and have witnessed plenty of ups and downs!

What was the first Swans game you attended?        
I'm not sure of the exact date, but I spent October of 1966 with some school friends, in which we made a trip to the Vetch Field, paying 2/6d for entry, which is the equivalent of 25p today.

Why did you start supporting the Swans?
I'd always liked football, so when England won the World Cup, that was it - I wanted to go to a live game. I nagged my friends to come to the Vetch, and from then on I was hooked, though most of my friends just came along for somewhere to go.

What is your most memorable Swans moment?
The day we beat Hull to retain our league status has to be the most memorable game of all. We had to win that game. It was our future existence in league football condensed into 90 of the most nerve-wracking minutes ever.

What is the best game you've seen at the Vetch/Liberty?
Oh, so many games come to mind. The halcyon days of Trundle's tricks at the Vetch were very special, but I think the day we beat Leeds 5-1 at the Vetch on our first match in the First Division. Two of my heroes, Alan Curtis and Bob Latchford, scored superb goals, and it was a day when the dreams of all Swans fans came true.

What is the best goal you've seen at the Vetch/Liberty?
The goal Trundle scored against Yeovil Town at the Liberty - it was almost from the halfway line!
Also, Darren Pratley's goal from the halfway line in the playoff semi-final game against Nottingham Forest was special. We were Wembley bound and the Liberty lit up in scenes never to be forgotten!

Can you tell us about the greatest sacrifice you have made to watch the Swans?
Leaving a nice warm bed at around 3.30am on a winter morning to be ready for a 5am departure aboard a supporters' bus to Newcastle or Carlisle. I've done that a few times!

Describe to us your typical pre-match ritual?
My final cuppa before leaving the house prior to the match has to be from my Andrea Orlandi mug. When we played at the Vetch, I always took the same route through town, but my route varies since we have moved to the Liberty.

Who is your favourite Swans player of all time, and why?
Alan Curtis was always so skilful; he could slip past players with great ease and never took dives as so many players do these days. He was just pure class. Curtis' dedication to the club over the years shows how much he cares about the Swans. He's all-round superhero for me.

Who is your favourite current player, and why?
Well, it has to be Leon Britton - what a player he is! Despite his small frame, his strength and determination are there for all to see. He can turn a game around and win a ball against any opposition. He's been a fantastic servant of the club for many years.

What is your favourite Swans kit from over the years?
I like the plainest white Swans home kit with minimal black trim. The two-tone blue kit the team wore the day we beat Preston to take our place in the then-First Division was my favourite away kit.

If you could sign one player for the club, who would it be?
Lionel Messi comes to mind, but how I would love to have Wilfried Bony back on board. He suited us and we suited him, but that's if Messi wasn't available of course.

What has been your most disappointing moment watching the club?
Losing to Northampton at Wembley when they were able to retake a free-kick right at the end of the match. I've never seen a replay of why the kick had to be retaken because it's too painful. It still hurts, even now.

What makes Swansea City special to you?
I wouldn't know where to start to answer that question. The Swans are my obsession. Through good and bad times, it's always there. I have formed many great friendships through the Swans and travelled many miles in their company. I just love Swansea City and there is no doubt that I always will.