FAN FOCUS: Mark Rees

15th March

We continue our weekly fans feature as we put our loyal supporters under the spotlight!
Fan Focus gives every member of the Jack Army a chance to share their favourite tales, games and goals from supporting the Swans over the years.

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Name: Mark Rees
Age: 46
From: Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan - a suburb of Detroit, in the United States.

How long have you been supporting the Swans?
I jumped in with both feet this season. I've been watching Premier League soccer - or football as it's known in the UK - for several years but did not latch onto any specific club while I learned about the league and its history. 

What was your first Swans game?
The first game that I watched after committing to Swansea City was against Burnley in August. In the US I did not know that we could watch the games on replay on the Internet until well after the Manchester United game. I would have loved to have watched that one!

Why did you start supporting the Swans?
I decided to support the Swans before the season started as they were the only current Welsh team in the Premier League, and as my last name indicates, I'm of Welsh descent. My Welsh ancestors left for the new world around 1690, so I've got a lot of roots to research! I did not want to support a team at the top, just because they were on the top. I wanted to support a team that fought its way to the top, and that has a supportive front office.

What is your most memorable Swans moment?
Ironically, it was the Stoke loss earlier this year, not a win. Watching the Moses incident, and the uproar that followed, really helped me realise how passionate I had become towards the Swans.

Your greatest sacrifice to watch the Swans?
As I live in the US I have to get out of bed on the weekend to watch games that start here at 7am or 8am - such a sacrifice, right? But the beauty of it is that the games are over by lunchtime and I have the rest of the day.

Your typical pre-match ritual?
I've purchased last year's home kit as well as the away kit from the first season in the Premier League, so I match up with either the home or away kit, depending on where the Swans are playing - home or away.

Who is your favourite Swans player of all time, and why?
Garry Monk. He's a club legend, and he's now doing a fantastic job as manager. The Swans are playing such exciting football, and he deserves a lot of credit for that.

Favourite current player?
Gylfi Sigurdsson - he carries himself like the athletes that I support here in the US. He's not brash or boastful, he just lets his play do the talking. It's great to see the non-verbal communication that goes on between him and the other players. He seems to be able to anticipate where his team-mates are going to be before they even get there. Also, since he is a former Tottenham player, I get to rub in his great play every week to my Spurs-supporting friend Chris.

Favourite Swans kit from over the years?
I love the classic whites! No specific season stands out, but the simplicity of the basic white is crisp, clean and sharp! This year's away kit is awesome!