FAN FOCUS: Mike Hedges

31st January 2016

We continue our fan feature as we put our loyal supporters under the spotlight!
Fan Focus gives every member of the Jack Army a chance to share their favourite tales, games and goals from supporting the Swans over the years.

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Name: Mike Hedges
Age: 59
From: I am originally from Plasmarl but I now live in Morriston.

How long have you been supporting the Swans?
I have been a Swans fan all my life. My late father worked as a scout for Swansea City during both the Trevor Morris and John Toshack eras, and I got used to visiting the Vetch Field on a regular basis.

What was the first Swans game you attended?
My first game was against Newcastle - it was probably the 3-1 win in 1964 when I was seven but it could have been earlier.
Anyway, I remember that Swansea won the game and that everybody was pleased. I was mesmerised by the whole event: the big stadium, the thousands of people, the noise and the atmosphere.

Why did you start supporting the Swans?
I lived in Swansea and my father was working for the club, so it was only natural to support them. As a child I was impressed by the shear size of the crowd and just being part of it was thrilling.

What is your most memorable Swans moment?
There have been a lot of ups - and even more downs - during my time supporting the Swans. However, my highlight would have to be the Championship Play-off Final.
That day, I felt every possible emotion you could feel when supporting your team, and if Garry Monk had not stopped an almost certain equaliser, the result could have been much different.
The Championship Play-off Final is such an all or nothing game - the winner reaches the promised land of the Premier League, while the loser endures another season in the Championship.

What is the best game you've seen at the Vetch/Liberty?
The best game would have to be beating Manchester United at home last February to record yet another 2-1 victory over them in the league.
It was the same scoreline as in the previous season's FA Cup third-round tie at Old Trafford and the same scoreline as the first game of the season in the league. It was a match that consisted of two quality teams playing excellent football, and Swansea came out as winners yet again.

What is the best goal you've seen at the Vetch/Liberty?
The Leighton James free-kick against Liverpool during our first season in the First Division was special.
Swansea were awarded a free-kick between 35 and 40 yards from goal, Leighton walked back to the halfway line, ran up and thumped it into the net. The Liverpool goalkeeper and defence were stunned and it took the crowd a second to realise he had scored.

Describe to us your typical pre-match ritual?
My wife gives me a lift to the stadium, before I go in and meet up with people that I know, which is then followed by a meal and a drink.
I get nervous just before kick-off and become very quiet. I always take my seat before the players come out for their warm up.

Who is your favourite Swans player of all time, and why?
Robbie James is my favourite player of all time for lots of reasons. I knew him and he was very nice person. I also played football with and against him - he was a lot better than me. He was a player who always gave you 100 per cent, scored some spectacular goals and always looked as if he was enjoying playing.

Who is your favourite current player, and why?
Jefferson Montero is my favourite player from the current squad. He is one of the fastest players in the Premier League. When he gets the ball out wide with space to run into, you can see it lift the crowd and you can see the worry on the defenders' faces.

What is your favourite Swans kit from over the years?
I am old fashioned - the old white kit with no names or logos on it, when the players would line up with numbers one to 11, is my favourite.

If you could sign one player for the club, who would it be?
Gareth Bale - not just because he is Welsh, but because he is a proven goal scorer who would fit in to the Swansea way of playing. We just need £100 million and we could bid for him!

What has been your most disappointing moment watching the club?
During the John Hollins era, we played Oxford United at home in the old Third Division. They had not won away from home for well over a season, but they visited the Vetch and scored two goals to condemn us to defeat. Whilst there was a lot of the season left to play, I knew that after that game we were going to get relegated - and we did.

What makes Swansea City special to you?
I live in Swansea and have lived here all my life. Swansea City are my local team. Whatever division the club are in, I will support them.