#GlobalSwans show their support

28th August 2015

From Auckland to Azerbaijan and from Beijing to Buenos Aires, Swansea City's loyal fanbase is spreading into territories across the world.
As part of our #GlobalSwans campaign, we invited fans from around the world to send in a snapshot of them supporting the Swans wherever they may be using the hashtag via Twitter.
We selected winners from around the globe, and they will appear on the LED screens and big screens this Sunday for the Barclays Premier League fixture with Manchester United.
The winners prove that you don't have to be from Swansea to be a Jack and each winners' tale of how they fell in love with the club is as different from each other as the city in which they were born in.
Antonio Aboytes, from Guadalajara in Mexico, was intrigued by the fact that we were the first Welsh team to grace the Barclays Premier League whilst Claire Walker, residing in Beijing, is a lifelong Swans fan that has flown the nest and now supports the team abroad.
Some supporters have family or heritage ties to our city and our club, while others have read about us in the media and seen us on television channels around the world.
"I first heard about Swansea on 'The Inbetweeners' a number of years ago," explained Scott Jamison, from Gainesville, Florida. "I looked up some info on the team and became enamoured with the story and I've been a Swans fan since.
"It was nice to support a club that wasn't so mainstream here in the States. Americans tend to be glory chasers, which is why a lot of us support the big clubs. Being a Swans supporter is a breath of fresh air.
"What really drew me to the club was the history, especially hitting rock bottom and then making it to the highest level in such a short amount of time. It was easy to get behind a club like that.
"I'm American by birth but a Swan 'til I die."
Whatever the reason for first coming into contact with the club, the majority have stayed loyal and true for similar reasons, such as being intrigued and impressed by our climb through the leagues.
"It's quite simply the most incredible rags-to-riches story that we have ever heard," said Mike Tumulty from Dallas, Texas.
"I found the way that Swansea play very attractive and pleasing on the eye and I am immensely proud to support, by far, the best club in Wales," said Jalil Guliyev from Baku, Azerbaijan and he's not alone in thinking so.
In South America, Patricio Re, from Argentina's capital city Buenos Aires, said it was the Swans' style that attracted him to follow the club.
"A friend and I saw the Capital One Cup final in 2013 and we fell in love with the stunning way of playing football."
Steve Goslin, from Philadelphia, said: "As a foreigner, it's easy to pick a big club to support and frankly most do, but as an American of Welsh heritage who loves an underdog, the choice was easy. I am a Jack for life!"
If you're cheering on the Swans from abroad, let us know on Twitter by tagging us in your tweets and photos using the #GlobalSwans hashtag and keep a look out for your pictures on match day.

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