'He certainly ticks the right boxes' - what the media said

13th June 2018

Graham Potter faced the media for the first time on Tuesday since being confirmed as Swansea City’s new manager.

A number of topics were discussed with the broadcast and written media during his press conference.

Here is what a selection of the press thought of the impression made by the new Swans boss in his opening media session.

Steffan Thomas, Westgate Sports Agency

“I thought his comments were very favourable. He’s very keen on building the right environment.

“He wants a long-term fix, and that comes from his successful time in Sweden having taken Ostersund from the fourth tier to the top division.

“Clearly this is a man who believes in putting the building blocks in place.

“Swansea have, in the past, picked the right character and manager for the job and he fits that profile.”

Andrew Gwilym, Wales Online

“He came across very well. He appears a very humble, down-to-earth person.

“He spoke a lot of common sense in his first press conference.

“Supporters will appreciate the fact that he wants to bring that on field identity back which they can be proud of when they watch Swansea.

“Hopefully he will rebuild the fortunes of the club in the forthcoming years.

“He needs to be given time to do that – Swansea aren’t going to turn up in their first game and will be the finished article.

“I expect there will be a lot of changes in terms of the squad, so that means the players coming in will have to gel and get used to the manager’s style.”

Graham Thomas, freelance journalist

“He was bright, fits into that progressive mould of managers that Swansea have appointed in the past like Roberto Martinez and Brendan Rodgers.

“He appears confident, ambitious and is engaging in the wider sense of the media and fans.

“Looking at his first press conference, I thought it was excellent and a really good start.

“I think he can succeed if he’s given the time and resources.

“It used to be a stable environment with a solid methodology, and I get the feeling the club wants to go back to that approach.

“Graham didn’t bang the drum and say ‘yes, we are getting promoted’, it was more about taking the right steps forward.”

Julie Kissick, head of the Sports Journalism course at University of Sport Wales

“I was really impressed with his appointment and his first press conference. I am excited because I think he has a lot of the attributes that a good, young manager has.

“He is what Swansea need, and I think he has the right balance between it being a community club and wanting to make the fans proud again.

“The club has appointed a lot of managers in the last few years, and that trend needs to stop.

"Given time and the resources, I believe he will do a fantastic job here.

Chris Wathan, BBC Sport

“His background speaks for itself. Everyone knows why Swansea have gone for him.

“He didn’t give too much away in terms of grand plans, but he knows what needs to be done initially to start his tenure on the right foot.

“He seems excited to be here and is realistic of the task in front of him.

“Every managerial appointment is a gamble, as Graham pointed out, but this seems the right gamble.

“He is tune with what Swansea have done when they are at their best, while he is aware of the mistakes the club has recognised they have made.

“He wants to create a real connection with the fans too.

“He certainly ticks a lot of the boxes.”

Rob Cole, Westgate Sports Agency

“All managers talk the talk when they come in, but it’s all about what happens at the start of August and September.

“He is used to building a team up, and that’s what Swansea need.

“He said some very interesting things in the press conference about bringing the club back together, getting rid of the fear factor and reconnecting the fans with the team along with making the team believe again on the pitch.

“He has done that in Sweden, and if he is given the opportunity to do that here then he could well be successful.

“His clarity, vision and reconnecting elements of the club really shone with me.”