Holloway reflects on defeat

22nd September

Ian Holloway says his side have to aspire to get to where Swansea are, after his Crystal Palace side were beaten 2-0 by the Swans at Selhurst Park.
The Swans capped off a spectacular week with an away victory, courtesy of goals from Michu and Nathan Dyer, after drawing with Liverpool and beating Valencia 3-0 at the Mestalla Stadium.
Despite being unable to hide his obvious disappointment, the Crystal Palace manager was keen to congratulate the Swans on their performance.
"I'm absolutely gutted," said Holloway. "If you'd have seen the work we did, what we talked about, and how sharp we were yesterday; it all just faded away within about one minute and thirty seconds.
"That's as bad as I ever want to feel sat here. I didn't enjoy any minute of it.
"It was my fault for not being on the line with them. I felt estranged and out of it, and they have got to feel like their manager is with them. I needed to be there today, and they would have felt a little bit more confident.
"But I'm not taking anything away from them (Swansea). I thought they were embarrassingly good, to be honest.
"It's difficult when you lose KG (Dikgacoi), who is a huge part of our defensive structure. He helps us win the ball back and, against Swansea, with the greatest of respect, they're going to have it almost twice as much as you.
"We almost tried to copy them. When we got into crossing positions, and we had bodies in the box, we came back out, which suited them - they always had their midfield there. We looked like a poor copy of them.
"To beat Swansea today, not in a million years could we have done that with how it was.
"How good were they when they had it? And how good was their structure when they didn't have it? We've got to sew all of this together, and get some points.
"When you think he's made five changes, how brilliant is that? They can go over there (Valencia) and play like they did, then come back and it's like clockwork. Well done to them. We're aspiring to get up to where they are.
"The work that has gone into them is a credit to how they've handled it all. They've lost managers, yet their philosophy is still the same."