Liverpool travel information

27th December

Liverpool v Swansea City
Monday, December 29, 8pm kick-off
Address: Anfield, Anfield Road, Liverpool, L4 0TH
Telephone: 0151 260 1433

What's it like? One of the most iconic stadiums in world football, Anfield houses the famous Kop end. At the other end, the Anfield Road Stand, where around 2,000 Swans fans will be housed, is the newest stand. Before entering the ground, it's worthwhile looking out for the famous Shankly Gates and the Bill Shankly statue just outside the club shop. Also, along Anfield Road, you will find the memorial for the victims of the Hillsborough disaster.

Hotels: There is no train transport back to Swansea after the game so an overnight stay may be useful for some fans. Popular hotels in the city centre are The Adelphi, Holiday Inn, The Nadler, The Adagio and The Printwork Hotel.

Pubs and grub: The away fans' pub is called The Arkles (L4 0TJ). The 'Flat Iron' (L4 0SZ) is a five-minute walk away. To find this pub, turn left at the junction where Arkles is (with Anfield to your right) down Anfield Road. Head away from Anfield and the pub is on the right. Otherwise, alcohol is available inside the stadium.
Opposite the Players Entrance on Anfield Road is an enclosed spacious food court. It has a seating area and overhead covering. Fish and chips, burgers and hot dogs are available. Specialist coffee and a bar selling beer, wine and other spirits are also available. The food court is open four hours before kick-off and an hour after the game.

Parking: There are two ways to Anfield: one through mid Wales (180 miles) and the other via motorways (237 miles). Both take approximately the same amount of time. If you arrive by 11.30am, street parking can be found. If not, park in the streets around Goodison and walk across Stanley Park to Anfield, or park in a secure parking area at Goodison (£10). Parking at The Dockers Club (L6 0BB), home of Liverpool County Premier Division side Waterloo Dock, is £5 and a 15-minute walk away.

By train: Kirkdale station is under a mile away. Turn right and cross the railway bridge to the Melrose Abbey pub (L4 3TE). Walk alongside the pub and carry on, passing the Elm Tree pub (L4 4LZ). Follow the road around the right-hand bend and turn left into Bradwell Street. At the end of Bradwell Street, cross the road at the traffic lights and down the road to the left of the Aldi store. At the end of this road you will see Stanley Park in front of you. Cross Walton Lane, enter Stanley Park, follow the path through the park (keep to the right) that comes out at Anfield Road's away end.

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