Lukasz Fabianski's surprise visit for special Swansea City fan Levi Dowd at Hendy Primary School

22nd November

It was a day that young Levi Dowd will never forget after his hero Lukasz Fabianski walked into school to give the brave ten-year-old Swansea City fan a massive surprise.
Levi, who lives with a congenital heart condition that affects his everyday life, is unable to participate in PE lessons but dreams of playing football for the Swans and imitates his favourite goalkeeper.
So when Lukasz popped into Hendy Primary School on the outskirts of Llanelli, young Levi was in for a surprise.
Not only was the Polish keeper stopping by for a chat, he also presented Levi with a personalised Swans goalkeeper shirt, along with a pair of his own gloves.
But this won't be the last time Levi and Lukasz will meet one-on-one.
On Saturday he will be walking out alongside the Swans keeper after being as a special mascot for the Premier League fixture against Crystal Palace at the Liberty Stadium.
Lukasz was delighted to meet Levi, and is looking forward to welcoming him to the Liberty this weekend.

"I heard Levi is a huge Swans fan and I'm honoured that I am his favourite player, so I wanted to go to his school to see him," said Lukasz. "He is a lovely young boy, and it will be fantastic for me - and the club - to see him as our mascot on Saturday.
"He is a brave young boy who is so enthusiastic and passionate about the club. His knowledge about Swansea City is amazing!
"Hopefully we can get all three points for him and make his big day even more special."
As an extra gift, Levi was presented with a Swans rucksack, pencils, erasers, a pencil case and club scarf to take to school tomorrow.
Hendy Primary School deputy head teach Nick Davies added: "Only last April Levi had an operation on his heart in Bristol Hospital. His courage and bravery was unbelievable during this very difficult period for him.

"Levi is a huge Swansea City supporter so for Lukasz - his hero - to come to his school and pay him a visit is a moment he will never forget.
"And for Levi to be a mascot on Saturday and standing alongside Lukasz and the rest of the team is a fantastic gesture by the club. It really means a lot to Levi.
"Being a huge Swans fan myself, I have a number of chats about our team with Levi, and he can't wait for Saturday.
"Lukasz was fantastic with Levi, and I hope they will both be celebrating three points this Saturday."
As for Levi, he is predicting a home win for Bob Bradley's side.

"I think we will win 2-1 - but Lukasz will be amazing."
He added: "I was shocked to see Lukasz at my school. I really enjoyed speaking to him and thanked him for my gifts.
"I can't wait to see him and the Swans on Saturday."

Look out for our video of Lukasz's surprise visit to meet Levi soonon our Swans TV YouTube channel.