The "Pink Ferrari" Challenge

1st December 2013

Among the immaculate fleet of cars at the Swans' training ground, a new set of wheels rocked up in the car park this week as the "Pink Ferrari" went for its first spin.
The inaugural Pink Ferrari Crossbar Challenge kicked off this week, which pits members of Michael Laudrup's squad against each other in a competition that comes with a forfeit for the loser.
Each individual attempts to hit the crossbar from the edge of the 18-yard box, with the two remaining players who haven't managed to do so moving into the final.
Whichever player loses the final then has the pleasure of picking up the keys to his new wheels, which he will take care of for the next week.
Along with driving the car into training for the next week and any home game, the loser also has strictly abide by the rules which also includes fixing any problems in case of breakdown along with modifying the Pink Ferrari before handing the keys over to the next unfortunate losing participant.
The competition is the brainchild of physio Richard Buchanan, who came up with the idea following the club's Europa League trip to Russia.
He said: "The idea came following some of the boys' comments of the cars they saw out in Russia. Some of the players hadn't seen Ladas and Trabants before, let alone driven them.
"So I thought considering the number of expensive cars in our car park was getting a bit too much, so we thought we would bring them back down to earth a bit and get an unfortunate player - as they would see it - to drive something a bit more interesting.
"We had a collection among the boys, and I ended buying what we call the Pink Ferrari for a few hundred quid."
The competition got off to a tense start, with a number of players needing a few attempts before they struck the crossbar.
And it was soon whittled down to two players!

Click on the video below to see how the players fared....and who is the proud owner of the Pink Ferrari this week.