Special Spanish Swans book signing with Rangel

18th December

Angel Rangel will be signing copies of the popular 'Spanish Swans' book in the club shop on Tuesday afternoon.
The book - a great Christmas gift for any Swans fan - documents the influence Spanish players have had on the club's remarkable rise to the Barclays Premier League.
Written by Spanish journalist Pablo Gomez, the book includes Rangel's diary from the club's first season in the Premier League along with interviews with Roberto Martinez and Guillem Bauza.
"When Pablo first approached me about an interview for the book, I thought it was an excellent idea," said Rangel.
"There have been so many Spanish players that have contributed to the club's success and it's kind of gone under the radar a little.
"I dug out my diary of the first season in the Premier League to help relive the emotions, thoughts, memories and assessments of our opponents before the interview.
"Pablo was so taken with my matchday diary that he's put it all in the book. I never expected that but I'm delighted!"
The book, which was originally written in Spanish, has now been translated to English by Swansea University.
You can meet Rangel and get a signed copy of the book - priced £13.99 - during his visit to the club shop on Tuesday (December 22) between 4-5pm.