Stars turn out for DSA event

16th April 2018

Swansea City Disabled Supporters’ Association (DSA) were treated to special guest appearances from Carlos Carvalhal, Swans Ladies star Katy Hosford and DSA ambassador Lee Trundle at their latest social event.

The trio met members of the DSA, signing autographs and posing for photographs, before taking part in a Q&A session at the Liberty Stadium.

“The club is always looking to support events and organisations, so getting the whole club’s backing is really positive,” said Hosford.

The DSA represents all disabled Swans fans and acts as a link between the club and their supporters.

Launched in 2013, the DSA is continually growing. With 75 members at present, the DSA aims to offer inclusivity to Swans supporters, whilst bringing families and friends together.

“When we formed the DSA in 2013, we had six members. The more people get to know about us, hopefully the more members we’ll get,” said DSA chairperson Jan Burgess.

The DSA works to improve facilities and policies that affect disabled supporters, putting the views of their members across to the club and other bodies.

Committee meetings are held monthly while social gatherings take place three times per season.

Swans boss Carvalhal enjoyed the chance to meet some of the club’s fans.

He said: “This is important. It is important because it’s about the club. These kinds of events bring people together because people have something in common – it’s a very nice event.”

Cath Dyer, secretary and trust representative for the DSA, added: “We are one big happy family. It means so much to everyone to have our guests here.”


The DSA is looking to build on its foundations and develop an even stronger relationship with Swansea City. All Swansea City disabled supporters are welcome to join, as well as their families, friends and PAs.

To join, or for more information, click HERE. To stay up to date with the DSA, follow them on Twitter @SwansDSA.