Support Mind when you buy a Swans shirt

4th December 2018

With Swans fans snapping up their replica shirts for Christmas, supporters are reminded that they can also support the EFL’s charity partner, Mind.

The Swans are fully behind the mental health charity. As well as helping to raise awareness, the club is donating £1 to the cause for every jersey that is purchased with shirt-printing during the season.

Fans can also donate an additional £1 when they add shirt printing to their order and checkout online.

Every year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem. That could mean hundreds of football players, and thousands of football fans.

Half of men admit they feel uncomfortable talking about emotions compared with two in five women. But opening up about feelings and problems, including mental health problems, is one of the best ways of dealing with them.

The Mind logo also features on players' names on all Football League shirts.