Swans back Healthy Schools Week

26th November 2017

Swans striker Oli McBurnie and club ambassador Lee Trundle visited Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Bryn y Mor as part of Healthy Schools Week.

McBurnie and Trundle attended the school to talk about the importance of healthy eating and exercising in their daily lives.

During a question and answer session, McBurnie and Trundle were asked about their favourite healthy foods, their training regimes and their favourite sports apart from football.

“The questions were really intellectual! I hope the children learnt something from us – it is brilliant if we helped them in any way,” McBurnie said.

“Children look up to footballers, so if they know that we have a healthy lifestyle, they may try to look after themselves more.

“It’s great for us to get out and see how much of an effect we have on children in the community.”

The school’s sports ambassadors took a light fitness session for year 1s and 2s, so the Q&A session was followed by a bit of exercise for Oli and Lee.

Trundle said: “It’s very important to educate the children on the right things to eat.

“Being an ex-professional sportsman, I know that making sure that you eat healthy food and exercise is vital.

“Telling the children about the lifestyle we lead has, I hope, given them some information to take on board.”