Swans deliver Primary Stars sessions

24th November 2017

The Swans have this season become one of the first clubs to deliver inclusive Premier League Primary Stars sessions.

Run in Ysgol Pen Y Bryn, the sessions allow the Community Trust to deliver its Primary Stars educational programme to the schools’ students who have additional learning requirements.

Using the appeal of football and sport to connect with and inspire children, Primary Stars aims to develop skills and ambitions both on and off the sports field with resources for girls and boys aged between five and 11 years old.

After working with the Community Trust’s Inclusion project, as well as with Ysgol Pen Y Bryn, the sessions are now suitable for more Junior Jacks.

Inclusive PL Primary Stars has been instilled into the school through various practical activities that organise group work, and active learning, whilst acquiring life skills that the children can use inside and outside of the school environment.

The Inclusion Project was launched by the Community Trust last year, and aims to improve access to sport for those with disabilities. As it continues to evolve, the Inclusion Project has teamed up with the PL Primary Stars initiative to ensure that those with disabilities can reap the benefits of Primary Stars in the same way that other schools do.

“We’ve been working with Ysgol Pen Y Bryn to deliver Inclusive Premier League Primary Stars sessions through classroom-based sessions as well as physical education practical lessons,” said Thomas Williams, PL Primary Stars co-ordinator.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to come to this school. We’ve adapted our resources and our delivery to make it more appropriate for their students and we’ve had fantastic feedback from the pupils and the teachers.”

The classroom activities include a number of football-themed, interactive, problem-solving tasks with the aim of exposing pupils to real-world situations.

“Pupils are given replica money along with a price list of items from the club shop, such as kit and water bottles. Pupils must match the items to the corresponding price and use their allocation of money to purchase items,” Williams explained.

“One pupil acts as the club shop assistant, calculates the change and prepares the item.

“The aim is to familiarise pupils with the process of purchasing goods to prepare them and to encourage independence when they leave school.”


For more information about PL Primary Stars, or if you would like to get your school involved, email Thomas@scfccommunitytrust.co.uk.


For more information on the Inclusion Project, email Richard@scfccommunitytrust.co.uk.