Swans go global with TLC Marketing

6th December
Swansea City has teamed up with leading international marketing agency TLC to help the Swans soar globally.
The club has today signed an exciting partnership agreement with TLC to market the Swans to a worldwide audience.
TLC is an internationally renowned company whose clients include the likes of Coca Cola, McDonalds, Sony, BMW, Orange, Vodafone, Ikea, Samsung, Audi, Virgin, Pirelli and Microsoft.
"We are delighted to welcome TLC as part of our Premier League team,'' declared Swans vice-chairman Leigh Dineen. "As the club continues to grow on and off the pitch, this partnership agreement is a major step forward for us.
"It's also an exciting step because TLC manages strategic marketing activity for over 50 of the top 100 global brands. They are major players who will help introduce us to top brands that are normally difficult to access.
"Their experience and expertise will assist us to secure and commercialise new and current partnerships; identify licensing, sponsorship and revenue opportunities and grow our brand awareness globally.''
While TLC is regarded as a global marketing agency - with 400 people worldwide in 14 countries, including its headquarters in London - importantly it also has strong roots in Swansea with Liberty Stadium season ticket holders among its directors.
One of those directors, Alec Johnson, was on the Swans books as a young pro from 1987-91 and still follows the club religiously home and away.
Well established for over 20 years, TLC is currently very active in the emerging football markets of China, USA, Latin America and Africa, while it recently acquired a sports management company in Madrid, Spain.
However, Swansea City will be its first football club client in the Barclays Premier League.