Swans pair prove big hit at DSA event

17th September 2017

Members of the Swansea City Disabled Supporters Association (DSA) were treated to a visit by club legends Leon Britton and Lee Trundle during the group’s latest social event.

The duo took part in a Q&A before meeting the DSA’s members afterwards.

“With the work that we do in the community, it’s with a wide ranging group of people and it’s nice that we get to spend time with different groups of fans and that we, as a football club, keep that relationship with the community and with different demographics of fans,” said Swans skipper Britton.

“It’s important to have the support of the club and players because they’re so famous and so associated with the club, which gives us that much more exposure that otherwise we wouldn’t have,” added Ian James, the DSA’s chairman.

“The DSA is the Disability Supporters Association and it represents all the disabled supporters of Swansea City Football Club. It acts as a link between the club and the supporters."

Launched in 2013 and recognised as the representative body of the disabled Swans supporters, the DSA have several roles including bringing together disabled supporters into one group as well as putting the views of their members to the club, and it’s an organisation that is valued by the club and its supporters.

“It’s massively important for the club to have the DSA,” said Mark Phillips, the club’s disability access officer. “It helps us to know what areas we need to target and what areas we need to improve on but it also shows that they’re valued and the club has been really good at that over the years in terms of showing the importance of having disability on the agenda and making sure that it’s a family club and that everybody is a part of it.”

Andrew Williams, the Swans’ disability liaison officer, added: “It’s extremely important that every fan is represented. To have nights like this for supporters to come together and meet the players is brilliant and you can see the smiles on their faces.

“It’s brilliant to have the support of players like Leon and Lee. It sums up the night really; we are a family club and hopefully we’ll have many more events in the future.”

All Swans supporters with a disability, as well as their family and friends so if you want to join, please click HERE. To stay up to date with the DSA, follow them on Twitter @SwansDSA.