Swans' success with injury costs

27th January 2017

Swansea City spent the least amount of money on injured players during the 2015-16.
A study conducted by Hopewiser ranked Premier League clubs in terms of money spent on injuries and suspensions - calculating the player's weekly wages and the amount paid for treatment.
The study show the Swans paid out just £204,000 last season - more than £16million less than the team topping the table.
The Swans and Manchester City were the only teams in the top flight to have avoided charges for suspension costs.
It's a table the Swans are proud to prop up, and is testament to the daily work of the club's performance staff, which includes the medical department, fitness and conditioning team, psychologists, strength and conditioning coaches, soft tissue therapists and external providers such as chiropractors.

"It's a huge pat on the back for the people who involved in the various departments that contribute," said performance director Richard Buchanan.
"They are very highly skilled but perhaps aren't mentioned much, so this is a nice reflection on how good they are as professionals.
"During the period of the study, the support team were working out of a temporary facility in changing rooms and shower cubicles with very little equipment when you compare it to the clubs we compete against.
"But that underlines the quality of their work and their attitude.
"You can't prevent all injuries, but if we do get an injury like a hamstring problem that rules a player out for a while then we take that personally.
"But we try to minimise that risk as much as we can, and this study shows we are working in the right way."