Swans surprise junior jack in America

22nd September 2017

The Swans and Angel Rangel have come to the rescue after a young American fan missed out – first time around – on the club stalwart’s shirt.

Seven-year-old Eli Arrington watched the Swans play their final US tour friendly in North Carolina in July.

After the game, Paul Clement’s players gave their shirts to lucky fans in the crowd.

Eli’s brother, Caleb, received Matt Grimes’ jersey. Angel, meantime, threw his shirt towards Eli, only for it be claimed by a fan who was next to him in the crowd.

Eli’s dad Calvin got in touch with the Swans about the incident, and when we told Angel what had happened, the Swans defender was keen to help.

The Swans right-back signed a shirt to send to Eli and recorded a personal message for the young Swans fan in the States.

I can’t begin to tell you how much it means,” said Calvin.

“The fact that Eli had such a wonderful experience meeting one of his heroes made the whole jersey incident so devastating.

“He was broken-hearted to have the shirt taken from him, but Angel and everyone from Swansea City have turned that broken heart into something wonderful my son will never forget.

“Eli has been absolutely over the moon. He’s hardly taken it off.

"I want you to know that you have made one little boy very happy. And, as his daddy, I can’t thank you enough!

"My family and I will be Swansea City fans for life."