Swansea City duo Fernando Llorente and Angel Rangel feed the homeless

1st December

After serving up a Premier League classic last Saturday, Swans team-mates Fernando Llorente and Angel Rangel were in the kitchen this week to lend their support to the club's #GiveAJackAJacket campaign.
Manning the kitchen, the Spanish duo handed out food to a group of clients from homeless charity, The Wallich, who attended the Swans' soup kitchen this week.
As part of the charitable initiative, the Swans welcomed 85 people who are either homeless, or in temporary accommodation and use The Wallich's services, to SA1 were they were treated to a hot meal, a Swans scarf as well as jumpers and jackets that have been donated by the Jack Army.
"We have come here to help the homeless people of Swansea," explained Llorente, who scored twice in the Swans' dramatic 5-4 win over Crystal Palace last weekend.
"I think this is a good initiative by the club."

Rangel, who has previously driving around Swansea to find a homeless shelter to deliver food during the festive period, said: "I've always been interested in helping the homeless people of Swansea.
"A couple of years ago my wife and I gave food to a few local shelters, and it was great to help in that way."
After giving out food bags to take home with them, Llorente and Rangel spent time speaking to those in attendance - many of them Swans fans.
Aiming to help keep the homeless of Wales warm this winter, #GiveAJackAJacket has seen hundreds of donations in the form of hats, scarves, gloves, hoodies and coats which are being distributed to the thousands of homeless people living in Wales.
In addition to the soup kitchen and collecting jackets, the campaign has also seen club ambassador Lee Trundle accompany the charity on their morning breakfast run that helps to feed Swansea's rough sleepers.
"It's sad, especially at this time of year, to see people out on the streets," said Lee, who also attended the event. "You don't know what circumstance has put them there. Everyone's got their own story and it was nice to go round and deliver them breakfast. It's good that the club are running such a great campaign."
If you have any unwanted warm winter clothing that you wish to donate, you can bring them to our club shops in the Liberty, Cwmdu and Debenhams Swansea where our donation bins are situated.