Trundle's Capital One Cup tour

3rd December 2013

Lee Trundle's Capital One Cup tour ended on a high on Tuesday, and the Swansea City Club Ambassador believes it's been a fantastic experience for him and the local schools he has visited.

Over the past three months, the former Swans striker has been taking the illustrious trophy to as many as 25 different schools in South West Wales.

From Swansea to Neath, the visits to the schools gave young Swans fans the opportunity to quiz Trundle, pose for photos and even lift the Capital One Cup trophy themselves - just like their heroes did last February!

"For me, although it's been part of my job, it's been a pleasure to do it," explained Trundle.

"It's good to get out into the community, go to the schools and see all of the kids, because they're the fans of our future.

"It's a good laugh for myself because of some of the questions they come out with! It's a bit of fun, they don't take anything too seriously, and they love it when you're going round with the cup.

"They always ask things like 'do you live in a mansion?', 'how much money do you get paid?'. As a kid, I would have probably asked the same!

"There was one school where I went in and most of them had their Swansea kits on. They were singing Swansea songs as well in assembly, so that was a brilliant day for me!

"And when it's been break-time, I've went out and had a little kick about with them, which for the kids - and for myself - is good to do. 

"Even though it's just me going into the schools and having a chat with them, you can see how much it means to kids.

"When I was a youngster, if a football player would have come into my school, it would be something that would have stayed with me forever.

"I get a buzz out of going round and seeing the kids."