Trundle's tour blog: part three

13th December 2014

Well there's moments to go before the Barclays Premier League Live event kicks off in Mumbai.
A lot of hard work has gone into making this possible for Swansea City, so everyone involved must take a lot of credit for making the club's tent look inviting and fun for fans.
A mammoth shift was put in by the club's marketing team on Friday as they spent the entire day in the customs department at Mumbai airport.
Vice-chairman Leigh Dineen had only been in the country a few hours after arriving with his sons Dom and Oliver, before he was back to the airport with Hannah Eames and Juan Salguero attempting to retrieve the shirts we had sent over from Swansea.
In the meantime, I was back at the Live site not too far from our hotel as we were hosting a media walkabout. It gave us a chance to demonstrate the values of our club to the press along with a few Bollywood stars, who joined in a bit of freestyling with our top trickster Ash Randall.
Not long after that I was on the football pitch as I was part of the Barclays Premier League legends team taking on the Bollywood Stars in a 5-a-side match. It was great fun to play in a side containing Robbie Fowler, Emile Heskey, Graeme Stuart, Mark Bright and Dean Windass.
I managed to roll out a few tricks, and I've been told I was successful with a nutmeg......or ten!
Everyone had a great time and I managed to open the scoring before adding another three as we won by quite a few goals.
I'd realised even the mosquitos out here realised which is the better foot as my left peg has been covered in bites while my right is untouched. I'd been told over the years to use both feet - I'm glad I didn't now!
I'd best get a move on now as the event is about to kick-off.
Speak soon.