Vote for your favourite Swans flag

14th April

We called upon our #GlobalSwans to get creative in our flag competition, and they answered.
With a customised flag, printed and donated by MrFlag®, up for grabs, we asked Jacks around the world to design their own flag and the response was incredible.
From Philadelphia to Florida, from Holland to Hanoi and from Detroit to Delhi, Swans from every corner of the globe answered the call to design a flag to represent both Swansea and wherever in the world it is they cheer the team on from.
Featuring city skylines, players from the past and present, and even the odd animal or two, the entries varied in design but all reflected the club's ever-growing fan base.
Narrowing down the fantastic flag submissions, three have made it onto the shortlist, which will now be put to the public vote on social media where fans can vote for their favourite design using #GlobalSwans, as well as the corresponding location of each flag. The design with the most votes will then be crowned the winner and will be printed for its owner by MrFlag®.
First up from Florida, we have a flag submitted by Scott Jamison. Entitled 'Swampsea City', the design celebrates the state's geography that is home to approximately 20% of the country's swamp and wetlands. It has been entered on behalf of the state's official supporters group located in Gainesville, which is also the home of the Florida Gators football team.

Second is a design from Mark Rees of Detroit that not only honours the city's architecture, but also its sporting culture with 'The Spirit of Detroit' featured prominently. Famous within Detroit's local community, the statue regularly dons sports jerseys from the city's various professional teams when they reach the playoffs and now The Spirit of Detroit is showing its support for Swansea.

The final shortlisted flag comes courtesy of another official supporters group from across the pond. Submitted by Ian Dawson, the design comes from Chicago and sees the city's flag remodelled to incorporate the Club's crest.

To vote for your favourite flag, tweet us @SwansOfficial using #GlobalSwans followed by either 'Florida', 'Detroit', or 'Chicago'.
Deadline for entries is 9am on Thursday, April 21.