Win big with Swans Lotto

16th August 2013

Not only is it a big start for the boys on the pitch on Saturday but what a start it has been to the launch of Swans Lotto. Make sure you don't miss out, play today for your chance to win the first one this Saturday with an amazing £7.7million estimated jackpot.
To put this spectacular prize into context, the Swans Lotto jackpot is well over the size of Saturday's National Lottery jackpot, which stands at an estimated £6.8m.
It's easy to get playing Swans Lotto, get your lucky numbers ready as each lotto bet could make you millions, all proceeds that the club receives from Swans Lotto go directly to the SCFC Community Trust - a not-for-profit organisation backed by the Professional Footballers' Association.
Launched to support the positive work of the SCFC Community Trust, Swans Lotto offers fans the chance to win huge jackpots twice a week in addition to helping fund projects to educate young people in the local area.
Plus for a limited time only, purchase two Lotto Lines for a Swans Lotto draw and get £1 off your entry into The Supporters' Syndicate!*
Each time you play The Supporters' Syndicate, you purchase a syndicate share. With 100 shares per syndicate, you have 100 chances to win!

* (Offer valid until 31st August 2013)

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Your Club, Your Lotto.

What is The Supporters' Syndicate?
The Supporters' Syndicate is the best way to give yourself multiple chances to win Swans Lotto. By playing in a group with other fans you will massively enhance your odds of winning a cash prize.

How do I play?
All you need to do is choose the days you wish to play (Wednesday/Saturday or both) and how long you want to play for. We'll do the rest, adding your entry into a syndicate with other players. If someone in your syndicate wins, the prize is shared between all the players in the group.

How does it work?
There are 100 lines in the syndicate giving you 100 chances to win! Each time you play the syndicate you purchase a syndicate share. The Supporters' Syndicate has 100 shares, with all winnings divided equally between the shares.

When you play the Supporters' Syndicate all the work is done for you, so you can sit back and wait for your share of the prizes!
How much does it cost?
Each entry into the syndicate costs just £2.50, which is a very cost-effective way to increase your chance of a win!

Can I buy more than one share in a syndicate?
You can buy as many shares as you like but it is not possible for us to guarantee that all of them will be part of the same syndicate. Our syndicates are compiled automatically and depending on the number of others playing at the same time, your shares may or may not enter the same syndicate.

Can I enter The Supporters' Syndicate with my friends?
All syndicates are compiled automatically by Lotto Network, so when you purchase your share it will be allocated to the next available syndicate. This means that although you can't guarantee your entry into the same syndicate as friends or family, you can take part whenever you like with no hassle and no paperwork.

Why can't I choose my own numbers?
To enable us to compile our syndicates more efficiently and to maximise the amount of prize money won, our system allocates lotto lines automatically. This means that it's not possible to choose your own numbers.

Can I use my 'Free Lotto Lines' to buy a Supporters' Syndicate share?
No. Free Lotto Lines can only be used to buy Swans Lotto bets.

Why play The Supporters' Syndicate?
The only way to increase your chance of winning Swans Lotto is to buy more lines and The Supporters Syndicate gives you the chance to do that at a price you can afford. Around the world many jackpots are won by syndicates, so why not give it a try!