How to add friends and families to one account

Season ticket holders can now add friends and family tickets to one 'parent' account using the Network feature within their Swans ticketing account. To add the tickets, follow the steps below or see the video above.

Please note: You must first ensure your Swans Club Account and ticketing account are linked. You can find information on how to do that HERE

1. Go to the Swans ticketing website found HERE. Then select ‘My Account’ option and click ‘My Network’ on the drop-down menu. 

2. The ‘My Network’ page will list all the supporters currently in your network. If the season ticket holder isn’t in your network, select ‘Add Member’. 

3. Insert season ticket holders surname and membership number (this number may be found on the bottom-left hand corner of the season ticket card).  

4. You will then receive a notification confirming ‘1 member found’. Select ‘Add Member’. 

5. Success! You will receive a ‘Member Added’ notification and the season ticket holder has successfully been added to your network.  

6. Once the member has been added to your account, you can manage their ticket privileges. This is where you can choose who can assign your tickets and who you can assign tickets to. 

7. Click on the members name, you will then be presented with options that will either allow you to assign that member tickets or to allow them to assign your tickets. 

Once these steps have been completed, the member that's been requested will need to go onto their account (and follow steps 1 and 2) where they will be prompted to approve or deny their request.