Routledge's on board with skateboarding sessions

8th November 2017

Swans winger Wayne Routledge was on board to help promote skateboarding sessions in the city.

Premier League Kicks Multi-Sport is a new initiative from the Swans Community Trust which comprises of an assortment of sports including hockey, trampolining and table tennis.

The project has struck a link with Exist Skatepark in Mount Pleasant in a bid to involve children in skateboarding. Now holding three weekly sessions at the skatepark with the Community Trust, children are becoming more active whilst making friends in a safe environment.

And Routledge was joined by club ambassador Lee Trundle in attending a skateboard session and speaking to children who take part.

“I think that, as a football club, it’s good that we’re taking an interest in every sport as part of the Premier League Kicks Multi-Sport initiative,” said Routledge.

“We have to remember that although a lot of those kids are wearing Swans kits, they all have their own individual talents so it’s important that the club supports them through that.

“It’s nice to have a structure like this where parents can drop their kids off and know that they’re safe and that they’re not only having a good time but they’re also exercising and working physically.

“A trend now is that kids are at home playing on their computers, so it’s good to encourage them to be more active and socialise with other kids.”

The PL Kicks Multi-Sport project aims to inspire children from eight to 19-years-old to become more enthusiastic about a variety of sports and find the sport that they enjoy.

Sport participation coordinator, Craig Richards said: "PL Kicks Multi-Sport supports children in a range of sports from gymnastics to basketball to skateboarding.

“People think that Swansea City Football Club is only associated with football but we are trying to inspire young people to get active and involved in all types of sport.”

The Swans Community Trust’s skateboarding sessions at Exist run on a Monday 4pm-7pm, Thursday 4pm-6pm, and Saturday 11am-1pm.

If your child would like to get involved with PL Kicks Multi-Sport, please contact for more information.