10 Years of the Trust: Daniel Garnett

25th November 2018

​​​​​​​As part of our ‘10 Years of the Community Trust’ campaign, which is celebrating the successes our official charity has achieved over the years, we have been sharing stories and interviews from the heart of our local communities.

As it is the official charity of Swansea City, you may assume that the only sport we focus on at the Community Trust is football, but thanks to our PL Kicks Multi-sport project, that’s far from the truth.

Across our projects we deliver sessions not just in football but a wide range of sports.

And not only do we help budding young footballers fulfil their potential, we do the same with others playing other sports.

One such participant is 16-year-old Daniel Garnett, who has endured an incredible journey after attending the Trust’s PL Kicks Multi-sport basketball sessions.

His religious attendance at our community sessions filled Daniel with the confidence to join his local team, Swansea Storm, two years ago.

Over the past two years, Daniel has continued to attend our weekly coaching sessions to inspire new participants to try their hand at a new sport.

“The Swans’ sessions helped me build my confidence until eventually I plucked up the courage to go to training sessions with Swansea Storm," said Daniel.

“I play in the under-18s category for Swansea Storm and I also play for a separate Swansea Storm team named the Troopers in the Division 3 category.”

In addition to this, Daniel has asked to play basketball for Wales.
“I was overwhelmed and excited to have the honour to play for my country and to gain valuable basketball knowledge, improving my confidence as a player,” he said.

Since gaining this accolade, the one-time basketball novice is now proud to be the volunteer coach of the very sessions he attended.

The trust were so impressed with Daniel’s skills and coaching abilities, he now takes the PL Kicks Multi-sport basketball sessions at Morriston Leisure Centre, every Thursday from 8.30-9.30pm.

“The feeling of being the coach to a great bunch of boys is amazing,” he said.

“I take great satisfaction from having a positive impact on the individuals that attend and help them in areas which need improving.”

He added: “Playing for the Community Trust team has helped me dramatically.

“It was the first team I joined and playing with people who were better than me allowed me to become a better basketball player.

“Feeling like I was a part of a really good community of basketballers gave me the confidence to move onto both the Swansea Storm and Wales teams.

“Additionally, with the help of the ex-coach, Lloyd, I realised that I would like to pass on my experience to other basketballers, which is why I stepped up and wanted to be a volunteer for the Community Trust.”

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