Baglan youngsters benefit from Primary Stars

31st May 2018

Baglan Primary School are amongst the schools profiting from the Primary Stars programme through the Swans Community Trust.

Using the appeal of football and sport to inspire children, Primary Stars aims to develop skills and ambitions both on and off the sports field with resources for girls and boys aged between five and 11.

The Swans Community Trust also provide inclusive PL Primary Stars, meaning those with additional learning requirements can also reap the benefits of the programme.

Through various practical activities that involve group work and active learning, children learn life skills they can use inside and outside school.

Curtis Grant, Premier League Primary Stars area co-ordinator for Neath Port Talbot, said: “Baglan Primary School are one of our ‘Platinum’ schools. This package allows us to work with their pupils for a full afternoon every Friday.“We deliver an hour of classroom activities first, allowing children to develop their numeracy and literally skills through the world of sport while their attention levels are at their highest.

“After a small break we look to develop their fundamental movement skills through the use of national curriculum-linked activities.

“We agreed to split our academic year between Year 3, 4 & 5 – all spending 12 weeks on the programme.

“We have noticed a huge difference to the approach of physical education from the not so confident pupils.

“As we approach the end of our 12-week block, pupils are a lot more enthusiastic.

“In the classroom the pupils have been very switched on to our sporting challenges. I have been impressed with the way in which they apply their classroom knowledge to real life situations. It seems to me that the link to football has really engaged the children.”

Providing free curriculum-linked Key Stage 1 and 2 classroom resources for PE, mathematics, English and enterprise, Primary Stars helps to engage with young pupils and nurtures their development both in the classroom and in the playground.

Additionally, it helps to encourage life skills such as teamwork and resilience and works to promote equality, diversity and anti-bullying.

Baglan Primary’s Year 4 teacher Miss Griffiths said: “The children love the Community Trust’s coaches teaching them.

“They love the booklets as they make numeracy and literacy activities fun. They’re able to apply their work in the classroom to the football booklet.

“Primary Stars really improves their independence, their group work and their numeracy and literacy skills, not to mention the balance that the fitness component gives them.

“I would recommend this programme to any school thinking of taking on the initiative.”


To find out more about PL Primary Stars, or to sign your school up, email Thomas Williams, education manager for the Swans Community Trust: