Community Trust partnership blossoms

11th April 2018

​The Traumatic Brain Injury Service programme, which is run in partnership with the Swans Community Trust, has exceeded all expectations and continues to grow.

Since launching last September, the Traumatic Brain Injury Service programme has exceeded all expectations and it continues to grow.

Held once a week at Morriston Hospital, the 12-week programme sees participants take part in a tailored programme run by the Swans Community Trust’s Sign Up To Success and Inclusion projects, in conjunction with the service and the hospital’s occupational therapist.

The programme, which was launched last September, is designed to improve confidence, health and wellbeing through physical activity, nutrition workshops, and a horticultural project to renovate the unit’s garden.

Dawn Thomas, senior health trainer of the Community Trust, said: “We’re now on our second cohort of participants since starting the programme.

“We’ve seen participants return to employment, regain their independence, increase their social interaction and improve on making healthy lifestyle choices.

“We’ve set up walking football and gym sessions at Penlan Leisure Centre as an exit pathway for our previous participants, so they can continue to reap the benefits of the programme.

“We are hoping to open up additional employability pathways to further assist participants in their rehabilitation.”

In addition to helping with physical wellbeing, the course provides a safe and social environment where participants can meet people who have been through similar experiences.

Helen Hughes, occupational therapist at Morriston Hospital, said: “The partnership between the Brain Injury Service and the Swans has been incredible.

“It’s so rewarding to watch friendships being built and wellbeing improved, and that’s down to the Swans Community Trust’s course.

“We hope that the continuing development of our programme can benefit future patients and family members.”


The programme has proved such a success that the Swans Community Trust and Morriston Hospital’s Brain Trauma Unit have been nominated for an award for their joint work in the ABMU Health Board Awards.

The award is on page 3 of the following survey:

Voting closes on April 20. Your vote would be most appreciated!

For more information on the programme, or to donate to the garden, please contact: