Community Trust team up with Disability Sport Merthyr

17th September 2018

The Swans Community Trust has partnered with Disability Sport Merthyr, a voluntary community group that comprises of role models and advisers who aim to support disabled individuals to increase their physical activity in Merthyr Tydfil.

The trust’s Sign Up To Success (SUTS) Project has for the last four years supported unemployed, disengaged and economically inactive people across South Wales.

The trust is continually trying to engage with and become inclusive of new groups of individuals, and this is the first time the trust has delivered a course in the Merthyr Tydfil area.

It is also the first course run with Disability Sport Merthyr.

Participants on the course are members of the Disability Sport Merthyr forum, who have voiced their desire to acquire qualifications and experience in the sporting industry to aid their roles as community advisors.

“Our aim is to get the group trained and equipped to the highest standard to maximise their ability to execute their community roles. We hope that this will lead to employment in the sporting or coaching field,” said the trust’s employability manager Joanna Fisher.

Dan Bufton, Disability Sport Wales development officer for Merthyr Tydfil, explained: “The forum was established in March 2018, and this is the first time Disability Sport Wales have run an employability programme for the younger forum members.

“The group is made up of individuals with a range of disabilities and medical conditions who support inclusive events in the area, helping to develop new projects and sessions whilst working on fundraising opportunities.

“This course has been a fantastic experience for them, in terms of learning, and bonding as a team. We’re very grateful to Swansea City AFC Community Trust for this opportunity.”

The eight-week course has been running for four weeks.

The sessions, which are held every Monday from 10am-3pm at Merthyr Town Football Club, are already making a positive impact on the participants, who are aged 16 and over.

Chairperson of Disability Sport Merthyr, Tomas Evans, said, “I am looking to gain qualifications and a greater understanding of how to coach disability sport and treat everyone equally.

“So far, I have gained a sound understanding of the issues and subject matter, such as how to coach a session effectively.

“I would definitely recommend this course to others as it’s been such an enjoyable experience.”

Participant Kerys Roberts wants to gain the confidence and qualifications to run her own coaching sessions.

She said: “I have already benefited from the course because I have taken one of my own coaching sessions with my local youth club.

“Our tutor, Andrew Diggle, has been a real inspiration and has helped my personal development on this course.”

Jonathan Williams, who is also a member of the forum, added: “This course helps me socialise with others and gain knowledge of coaching people with disabilities.

“I would highly recommend this course to other disability sport colleagues and other disabled people.

“The course tutor is very experienced and knowledgeable on each course module, and I am glad I chose to study this course.”

Although this course is currently exclusively for members of the Disability Sport Merthyr forum, SUTS hopes that with enough interest, it can open into the wider community.

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