SwansAid grant funds equipment for Play Initiative

1st August 2017

Swans Community Trust presented Bonymaen Kids Play Initiative with a grant worth £475 through SwansAid to help fund new equipment.

Working with over 300 children each year, the initiative provides good quality, affordable play and childcare facilities for the children and parents of Bonymaen. Engaging with 3-16-year-olds from over 11 different schools, they provide a safe play environment which builds the self-respect and confidence of children.

Their work in promoting social inclusion impressed the SwansAid panel and the initiative was presented with their grant from club ambassador Lee Trundle, who also got stuck in with a game of football using their new goals paid for using the grant.

After hosting hundreds of school children, Bonymaen Kids Play Initiative are in need of purchasing new equipment for their range of childcare sessions.

“The funding will be used to purchase new equipment for the children to play with during the summer playscheme and afterschool club sessions in the next academic year,” said one of the initiative's playworkers, Adam Bendle.

“This grant comes as huge relief to Bonymaen Kids Play Initiative as currently all the money the kids pay to attend the sessions go towards the running cost of the club. This means that a lot of equipment and toys are in need of replacing or updating.

“As a youth organisation we go through a lot of play equipment, we have to rely on donations of toys from children. This fund will allow us to purchase a range of sporting and art equipment. This will allow them to gain new skills and participate in physical activity whilst making new friends in the process."

After receiving their funding from the club’s grant-giving pot, Adam and the Bonymaen Kids Play Initiative are now keen advocates of SwansAid and encourage others looking for financial aid to apply.

He added: “I would recommend any organisation to apply to SwansAid as the application process is not time-consuming like a lot of other funding processes. Another reason to apply for SwansAid is due to the fund being shared out instead of being given to one charity. This makes it easier for smaller local organisations to benefit from the process."

To find out more about SwansAid, please email Helen@scfccommunitytrust.co.uk